How to book a Delivery

  • Click on the “Book Now” menu item
  • Select delivery location (town)
  • Select the date you want to receive the delivery
  • Enter your delivery addresss
  • Type in your shopping list (or cut and paste it)
  • Pay for your delivery online
  • We will charge items to your card and attach your receipt
  • We will make a contactless delivery to your door

Click on “Book Now” menu item

The Book Now menu item in the page header will take you to the online booking pages.

To keep these instructions open at the same time, open a new tab or page and click the “Book Now” menu item in the new tab or window.

Select Delivery location (town)

Click on the picture of the map to select the location (town) for your delivery.

This will put your delivery in the list of deliveries for your area for the delivery date.

You can either select the date here or on the next screen. 

Select date you want to receive the delivery

There are two options here. You can either select the same day for the departure and return for the date you would like to receive your delivery – or you can choose a two day range like below. If you select more than a 2 day range it will interpret it as multiple deliveries and charge for multiple deliveries – so choose a maximum of 2 day range.

If there are no delivery slots available on that day, the day will be shaded red. 

Click on the day in the calendar or in the departure and return date cells.

Then click “Reserve Now”.

Enter the delivery destination

There is no need to select times for pick up and deliveries – these fields apply to vehicle bookings.

Enter the delivery location in the “Where are you going field”. This allows us to plan our deliveries. 

Ignore the Trip details heading if you are making a delivery booking. (We can just dream about taking trips when this is all over, for now)

Enter your delivery address

Enter your exact delivery address and any details we will need to know about where to drop the package. For example if Google maps has trouble finding the address – give us your tips on how to locate your address. And any specific instructions on where to leave the items.

Indicate if you are a priority customer

We are prioritising people in essential service work or mandatory quarantine or at risk or vulnerable and we will do their deliveries first. 

You can otherwise leave this blank – we will still bring your delivery.

Enter your shopping and pick up lists

It is a good idea to have your shopping list ready. Then you can paste it in to the box for the items you would like from the store. You can also simply type them in here. However, it may time out while you are running to check if you need tomatoes. If you miss something or want to change your list that is OK too. The system will send you a confirmation of your booking and if you reply to that email it will put your changes in the message history for your delivery within our system. So feel free to send us a new list before the delivery day.

If the item has been paid for and packaged by the store note this in the box. Also provide the details such as the persons name the package was ordered under and the name and location of the store. For example Live Life Pharmacy Johnson Street or Live Life Pharmacy West Byron.

Please put the items for seperate stores in seperate boxes … unless you run out of boxes.

When you have finished entering the items click “Next”.

** Don’t worry if you make a mistake or need to change your list. When you receive the confirmation of your booking you can reply with the changes, or a new list, and it will go into the message thread of your delivery booking.

Enter the pick ups you would like to book

Once you have entered your list of items then you need to tell us how many stores we are picking up from. 

– For us to gather the items on your grocery list add the Supermarket pick and pack to the cart.

– For pick up of a pre-paid package from a store choose the click and collect for each store we are to pick up from. For example if we are picking up from the butcher and the baker then select 2 stores.

– If we are collecting a small number of items for example from the pharmacy then add the Collect item to the cart for each store we are to collect items from.

Then click “Next”

Enter your credit card details

Enter your credit card details. This will process your payment for the delivery.

If we are picking and packing and paying for your groceries or collection items for you – this is the card that will also be charged for the items. We will process the payment for the items once we have the receipt from the store’s register.

Agree to the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions checkbox is largely there for the vehicle bookings but it does also cover your agreement that we will charge your card for the grocery or other store items once we are at the store and know the total cost of your items.

NB: The cancellation policy is only relevant to bookings for vehicles. … Just ignore it. We will happily refund a cancellation for a delivery if we have not already acquired the items.

Once you click “Save and continue” we will receive your order and let you know when we are on our way to deliver it.

How does the payment process work

Our secure online booking system will process the payment for your delivery straight away.

If we are picking and packing your grocery order or collecting a few items at a store for you then we will add the amount on the store receipt to the booking. This will charge your card for the items on your list. We will then attach the receipt to your delivery booking. 

Please be aware there is a 3% credit card processing fee applied by the bank.

Where we are collecting pre-paid items – there are no additional transactions other than the delivery.

Delivery and safety Information

We will notify you when we have delivered your items.

Our safety process is as follows:

  • All financial transactions are online so there is no need for face to face contact – although we would love to see you for a chat
  • We wear gloves and a mask while collecting your items – this protects our team as well as you
  • We change gloves and wear a mask to drop the items off to you
  • We will leave the items at your front door or similar location